The user is kindly requested to take good care about the following points for using your which has been realized with high-level design and craftsmanship to demonstrate high performances:

Caution In Installation

  1. Install vertically(inclination within }10K).
  2. Nozzle is provided at 7 different points in the body. Install a filter of coarse meshes (5`40ƒÊm) just in front of the for protection against clogging of nozzles.
  3. Provide a straight pipe portion of 10 to 40cm on the inlet side of the . (It is ideal to have a length of 20 times the inside diameter of pipe on inlet side and length of 15 times on outlet side.)
  4. Regulator,coupler,solenoid valve,stop value,lubricator, micron-filter, tandem nipple,etc.shall be installed at no less than 15 to 30cm after the .
  5. Select a place with an inlet temperature of 40Ž or under(a place where the piping is not felt hot by hand touch) for installing the . Basically, a position at 1 to 5m on this side from the working terminal is ideal.

Caution In Operation

  1. Use within the range of rated treated flow rate.Any larger flow rate may lead to increased pressure loss and reduced performance in some cases.
  2. Keep the minimum flow rate preferably no less than 5% of the catalogue value of treated flow rate.A drop of performance may be produced in some case with a continuous operation at 5% or under.
  3. Since the dehumidifying capacity varies depending on the static pressure, keep the static pressure at the point of installation rather high for the operation.
  4. Avoid using anything other than compressed air.

Caution In Drain Discharge

  1. The reliability of auto-drain is valid only for a short period generally.Therefore, ball valve is used as standard part for . Slightly open this ball valve to discharge drain(to a level at which a pressure is felt slightly by sealing with finger).
  2. Since the probability of clogging with foreign matter of this slightly opened part is smaller compared with the failure ratio of auto-drain, it is recommended that you use the standard ball valve.
  3. For portion of poor workability or in case auto-drain is absolutely necessary, connect 8A to the outlet(6A PF)of the ball valve by means of a nipple(6A~8A).
  4. Install a transparent vinyl hose at the drain discharge port.

Caution In Maintenance

  1. is maintenance-free because there is no deterioration of performances due to adhesion of impurities. No is there any fear of clogging after the pre-filter. So never disassemble . (Once disassembled, it cannot be reassembled any more because the assembling is made in parellel with adjustments.)
  2. is so constructed as to blow straight down any highly viscous material, which may eventuallly stick to the drain pot at the bottom, with full openinig of the drain valve.
  3. In case of occurrence of any trouble, please contact immediately the address given at the end of this document.

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