The new type Shinkansen trains "Nozomi 500 Series" of the Tokaido and San'yo Shinkansen Lines developed by JR West Japan were put into commercial operation between Shin-Osaka and Hakata in spring 1997 after a series of test runs conducted at midnight. For this new type of super-express train "Nozomi 500 Series" formed with 16 wagons, 6 units of M24-30(special)are adopted.

This new train runs at the world's fastest speed of 300km per hour to rival the super-express "TGV" of France. The shape of the tip sharply pointed over a length of as much as 15m to minimize air resistance reminds you of a rocket at a closer look. The train body is made of special aluminium to realize lightweight construction, while the passengers' travelling comfort has much improved compared with the conventional "Nozomi" and the noise controlled at the lowest possible level.

plays an important role in this protection against noise. The noise produced at high-speed running is directly proportional to the 6th power of the speed. The point which produces the largest noise during the running of a Shinkansen train is the pantograph requiring a large volume for putting high-tension lines in contact from below.

On the "Nozomi 500 Series", this large spring type pantograph has been changed to an air system pushing up the pantograph with air cylinder of a volume several times smaller compared with the conventional type. This new system with special shape, developed with a lot of time, succeeded in reducing the noise within the standard value set by the Environmental Agency.

was adopted for this air line pushing up the pantograph on the basis of the achievements of adoption for 9 years for air brake of wagons and reliability in the product.

Noise reduction and lightweight construction. is given a chance to participate in the most important tasks of the newly designed Shinkansen train. An unimaginably large amount of energy can be saved even with only several kilograms of reduction in weight of the wagons which cover a distance of one hundred thousand km per month. which demonstrates high performances with maintenance-free operation and a weight of one 30th contribute a great deal to the energy saving in the vehicles.

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