Innovative Air-Dryer
something more than freezing type air-dryer

Pneumatic system being served always requires stable, clean and dry air. The deterioration of performance of air dryer caused by the big change of ambient temperature or by the big fluctuations of load often gives serious influences on the due-point of down stream air.

New type air dryer , among others, continues demonstrating excellent performance even under sever conditions with no maintenance work at all for more than 14 years since it was first put on the market.

demonstrates higher performance in general than the fleezing type air dryer. And it removes moisture and oil contents 2 to 3 times as much as the sophisticated de-humidifying equipment and micron filter.

We would, therefore, recommend you to try on if you are now in trouble with your moisture removing equipment such as silica-gel and freezing type air dryer.

Features of
(1) High performance (Max. dew-point-30)
(2) Maintenance free with no parts requiring replacement for over 10 years
(3) No deterioration of performance and no increase of pressure loss since the initial period of installation

We provide you with 5-years warranty of performances for after delivery.

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